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Theodor de Bry

Theodor de Bry

Lüttich 1528 -
Frankfurt am Main 1598

After the Dutch goldsmith and copperplate engraver Theodor de Bry (1528-98) had to leave his home town of Lüttich in 1570, due to his protestant faith, he set up a book and art dealership in Frankfurt am Main, which he lead successfully with his two sons Johann Israel and Johann Theodor de Bry.
A stay in England from 1586 to 1588 inspired him to produce his main work, "Collectiones peregrinationum in Indiam orientalem et Indiam occidentalem", the most important travel collection of 16th and early 17th century Germany. The work (which is divided into so-called large and small travels based on their different formats) contains travel reports from the New World and other places, furnished with numerous maps and copperplate engravings. It was finished by Theodor de Bry's sons after his death and was published in various languages.
From approximately 1616 the artist Matthäus Merian, who was friendly with the De Bry family, contributed his artwork and editorial efforts to the German edition of the work.

Ketterer Kunst
Collecting fields:
Richard Hakluyt - The Principal Navigations. 3 Bände
Richard Hakluyt
"The Principal Navigations. 3 Bände"
18,870 $

Johann Gabriel Stedman - Narrative of a five years' expedition. 2 Bde.
Johann Gabriel Stedman
"Narrative of a five years' expedition. 2 Bde."
8,880 $

Charles de Ferriol - Recueil de cent estampes + 2 Beigaben
Charles de Ferriol
"Recueil de cent estampes + 2 Beigaben"
4,440 $

Bernardo Pereira de Berredo - Annaes historicos do Estado do Maranhao. 1749
Bernardo Pereira de Berredo
"Annaes historicos do Estado do Maranhao. 1749"
3,330 $

Anton Sanderus - Chorographia sacra Brabantiae. 23. Tle. in 1 Bd.
Anton Sanderus
"Chorographia sacra Brabantiae. 23. Tle. in 1 Bd."
2,220 $

Karl Simrock - Das malerische und romantische Deutschland. 10 in 11 Bdn.
Karl Simrock
"Das malerische und romantische Deutschland. 10 in 11 Bdn."
1,998 $

Étienne Marchand - Voyage autour du monde, 6 Bde.
Étienne Marchand
"Voyage autour du monde, 6 Bde."
1,665 $

Mattheus Smallegange - Nieuwe Cronyk van Zeeland.
Mattheus Smallegange
"Nieuwe Cronyk van Zeeland."
1,998 $